Color inspiration No.1 (plus instagram accounts to follow)

So neither of us are planning our own wedding right now (A: est 2009, I: TBD) or redecorating, but we have fun daydreaming about it anyway (other daydream topics include, but are not limited to: the perfect afternoon tea menu and the next trip we should take). A fun, and manageable, place to start when starting a project is to think about color and texture - with so many artists and influencers sharing images we're surrounded by inspiration. Whether you're brainstorming colors for your wedding or a new room in your home, here are a few color palettes we love.

In the next year, deep jewel tones will be showing up for weddings, so we thought we'd start with a few variations on this idea. We sourced each image from gorgeous Instagram feeds you'll want to follow (click to see the original post).

Bold look - create a dramatic backdrop and add a new dimension to softer colors.

Fresh new take - nothing better than fresh greens and white, although this version uses that richer jewel tone with overflowing greenery and luxurious fabrics.

Classic interpretation - if the others feel a bit too dramatic, we really like this more subtle version.

And if you need more help filling out your color palette, we recently discovered Coolors for generating color schemes. Fair warning, it's definitely addictive. You can scroll through for ideas or if you already have a color you like it's easy to input a hex color code. Once you see something you like, lock specific colors and keep clicking to complete your color scheme. This tool is especially helpful for consistency across projects (wedding or elsewhere) because the codes are universal. So use fun images for inspiration and then for those of us who love the details, find the hex color code combination of your dreams.

Color inspiration icon1-01.png


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