Our Perfect Picks: Isabelle's favorite things

We are barely into December but the holiday season is definitely in full swing! A few posts back Amanda offered some of her favorite things to give as gifts, so now it’s my turn!


I have a much harder time with the word “favorite” (just ask Amanda) but below are a few ideas to jump-start your inner elf. Some of these make great wedding gifts and others can make a good holiday gift for anyone.

-This one takes a little planning, but Amanda and I love a personal touch: whether you are gifting a new couple or a friend with a new place to live, a personalized address or signature stamp can be a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate someone. Stamps can be of just names in a nice font or they can include an address or representative symbol. Get creative! There are quite a few places online to order a custom stamp and if you live in Seattle consider shopping local here.


- Cast iron skillets used to remind us lay-people of the frontier but their versatility, durability, and ability to hold a consistent temperature have chefs of all experience levels bringing this classic back. For a fun twist on the standard, we love mini skillets. They are the perfect size for a breakfast egg or a personal-sized dessert (giant chocolate chip cookie or miniature pie?!), plus breads, pancakes, potatoes… the list goes on.

- It’s no secret we love baking (check out our Instagram @perfectlypairedsisters) and a couple tools of the trade any baker would enjoy as a gift are a high quality set of measuring cups and spoons (bonus: this adjustable measuring cup is the baking tool you never knew you needed but will find yourself using all the time). If you know anyone interested in getting into making bread and pastries, another great tool is a bench scraper and for those avid watchers of the Great British Baking Show, one step deeper into the world of baking is a kitchen scale. You’ll want one that can provide readouts in a variety of measures.

-Give the gift of quality: time and ingredients. So many of us are so busy that cooking can easily fall down the list of priorities. For a nice way to pamper a new couple or a busy friend, think about getting them a few high quality ingredients and including a recipe card for a simple but flavorful meal. Depending on your timeline and the time of year, it’s easier to pick up things that are shelf-stable such as a high quality fresh pressed olive oil or a well aged miso paste or soy sauce. There is also a whole world of vinegars that are great for dipping, dressing a salad, and creating sauces. If you have a local farmers market you can put together a basket with honey, jam, maybe some cured meat all while supporting local businesses. Whatever high quality item(s) you choose, pick a theme and include a suggested meal plan/recipe so that on the night when your friend(s) need some inspiration, they can enjoy a good meal on you :)


-If you, or your gift recipient(s), are not the cooking/baking types, consider a small houseplant instead. Many require minimal care and can add a touch of color all year round, plus they last longer than a bouquet. We love Swansons Nursery (featured in this post’s photos) for many of our planting needs and the staff are always so helpful!

What are your favorite go-to or one-of-a-kind gifts? Share the gift of inspiring someone else this holiday season!