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We have the kind of teamwork only sisters with 30+ years of experience communicating can have and we realized over the years that running events came naturally to us. So we're here to help with your once-in-a-lifetime, high stakes event: your wedding day. We're good like that.

Our Story

Our first introduction to the wedding industry was in high school as assistants on an event coordination team - we did a lot of dishes. Through that experience we learned about all the behind the scenes work that went into executing large events as well as some do's (plenty of beverages) and don'ts (heavy wedding cake toppers) of weddings. Although our careers took us in different directions, we continued to enjoy throwing parties, showers, and even a work prom! We also regularly volunteer with a local theater running opening night receptions.

Over the years, after attending and being in (as a bride or bridesmaid) many weddings, we started to be asked by friends to coordinate their wedding days. We loved it! And we would love the opportunity to help with your wedding too.