Color Inspiration No. 5

Feeling inspired by pretty French blues after our trip…

Bold look - different variations of the traditional French blue paired with intense color


Fresh new take - sticking with a softer palette and mixing in lavender or pink


Classic interpretation - as much as we like changing it up, keeping it simple with white and earth tones might be our favorite


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10 year wedding update: Part II

In Part I Amanda talked about vendors that are still around from her wedding that she loved (it was actually a bit of a traumatizing experience to realize how many don’t exist, it’s only been 10 years! We’re not that old, right?!). Today’s blog post is about the details she is still glad they chose and maybe a few things she wishes they had done differently…

I wanted to start by saying, the big take home message for anyone planning a wedding should be: you’re planning a wedding for this moment in time, so choose what feels like you right now. The friends you have, the food you love, the place that makes you happy. Inevitably your tastes might change with time and you’ll make new best friends, but that’s all ok! Plan something that feels like you as a couple and it will be the right wedding for you. If you read one of our earliest blog posts you know about the best wedding planning advice we received, it really made it easier for us to envision a day that would be ‘us’.

I’m sure it would look different if we were planning it today, but I think the core of it would be the same. Here are 3 of my favorite choices we made and 1 thing I would change if I were planning it today!


Just a bit of drama

There were some things we knew we wanted right away and decided we just weren’t going to compromise on. For Ben, a good DJ was at the top of the list. I wanted a long train and a long veil (and a really nice friend who helped get us this shot). Can you believe the 🙌 emoji didn’t exist back when this photo was taken? It’s basically how I feel about it.


DIY the things you enjoy

Real talk: Ben was in another state while we were engaged and my job had pretty regular hours and not a lot of stress, so I had a lot of time on my hands.

I designed and made all the paper products for our wedding: tri-fold invites (very popular at the time), programs, menus, candy boxes, table numbers… and I still love how they turned out. I also enjoy paper crafts in general, so this was very fitting for me. If there’s something you like to make/do/perform/whatever, add things where it makes sense for you.


Do a little dance

I’m really glad we took dance lessons. I might also be glad that there isn’t any video footage of our first dance so that it can live on perfectly in my mind, but I’m pretty sure (and Isabelle promised me…) that it went well. We didn’t want to do a cheesy or over the top dance, we just wanted to be able to do a simple ballroom dance so we could enjoy it and not feel nervous swaying back and forth for 4 minutes (which is totally ok to do, but, see above, we like just a touch of drama). Bonus: we also learned how to properly dip, which made for lots of great photos.


My only regret…

First of all, looking at this photo, somehow we hadn’t figured out that we need to be on the other side of each other because, bangs. Moving on.

There are a few small things I would probably do differently. I loved my dress! But maybe I would choose a different style now. Loved the flowers! But maybe would go for a wildflower aesthetic. But actually, one thing I really like that become more popular since we got married is the variety in bridesmaid dresses. It just never crossed my mind because it was so standard for everyone to wear the same thing. And even when the trend started, the goal was still to have the colors match. Now I would totally embrace a spectrum of color or maybe even a pattern! But definitely let them pick dresses they liked (or maybe even already owned).

We hope you enjoyed this look back with us and maybe if you’re in the middle of the planning process yourself, feel a little encouraged that it will all be ok :)

10 year wedding update: Part I

It’s pretty crazy to think about, but Amanda and Ben got married 10 years ago! Their anniversary is August 8 so we thought it would be fun to look back at the vendors they chose (Part I) and how things might look different if they planned it now (Part II). Turning it over to Amanda…

Of course there will always be things you might do differently, that just happens as your tastes evolve (we were also so young!), but overall we loved (and still do) everything about our wedding. We put a lot of thought into it and there was plenty that I DIY’d myself to add personal elements. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the vendors, especially that now I’m one myself and see it in a new light. Everyone was great and it’s fun to see what they are up to now. I don’t have them all here because some just aren’t around anymore (crushing to do research for this post and find many have closed, but it has been 10 years after all…) and some are things we did ourselves (my friend’s mom was a retired florist and was sweet enough to do it at cost). Here are some that I still love and would book tomorrow if I needed!

The music

Hands down this was the most important thing for Ben. As we walked around the wedding expo we kept seeing guys in suits that didn’t fit, offering to play some music for you. We really wanted someone who was an actual DJ and when we saw the turntables… it was almost a done deal. It was also great that his wife worked with him as well and would help run the reception! It’s cool to see that the team has grown and I’m sure everything has gotten even fancier, but it was amazing when they did our wedding. We had the best dance party!

Ring dishes

We didn’t have any flower girls, but we did have two ring bearers (who I had babysat since they were tiny and now they are practically grown men *cries*) and I had come across these beautiful ring dishes. One of my favorite ‘hidden’ details was that I had my parents’ names and wedding date stamped in one (which would have my ring) and his parents’ names and wedding date in the other (with his ring). After the wedding we gave these to our parents as a gift and I loved that we were able to incorporate them in this way.


We found Piper through a friend and had such a great time working with her. She doesn’t do weddings anymore, but has transitioned to doing family/lifestyle (and pet!) sessions and her images are beautiful. Her prices have always been reasonable and the quality is amazing. Photos are one of the main keepsakes you have from your wedding and I’m so happy when I look back at ours.


We didn’t go too crazy with the linens (and I’m not sure there were as many options at the time), but now I think there are so many cool designs I definitely would do more with this if I was planning now!

Beauty routine

It’s a bit of a long story, but Kyle did my hair when he was at a different salon. I followed another hair artist to Noah Salon and after a few years Kyle joined their team! I’m so glad looking at our photos that I look like me. Sometimes I think I could have gone more dramatic or fancy, but in the end, this hair held and actually feels exactly right, even a decade later.

One other thing I want to highlight that isn’t exactly a wedding vendor, but worth mentioning: I had a sentimental vintage bracelet (it was costume jewelry so a regular jeweler wouldn’t work with it) that I wanted to wear, but was too big. Rhinestone Rosie was amazing - she made it smaller and created matching earrings out of the extra pieces for me! It was perfect.

Stay tuned for Part II where I’ll talk about all the details I loved and a few things I might have done differently…

Our Perfect Picks: wedding trends

Some pretty wedding inspiration and trends we love right now…

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