Our Perfect Picks: Travel inspiration

Some people live to work and some people work to live. We work to travel. And not just for the sake of taking a break, we also really love seeing new places, meeting people, learning about other cultures and trying all kinds of food. If you are here in the Pacific Northwest like us you probably know about Rick Steves with his many guidebooks and a TV series on public television, but his perspective probably sums it up best: "Rick is outspoken on the need for Americans to fit better into our planet by broadening our perspectives through travel."

Since we love traveling so much, we thought it would be fun to start sharing some of the places we have really enjoyed. If you’re in the process of planning a honeymoon or your next vacation, here are a few places we’ve been and can’t wait to visit again!

Stay tuned for future posts with travel tips and places we're dreaming about exploring together on a #sistertrip Let us know if you have questions and what your favorite destinations are!