Color inspiration No. 4

Pantone coral-01.png

By now almost everyone is familiar with the “Pantone color of the year” phenomenon - since 2000 they have been declaring the ‘it’ color and for 2019 it’s Living Coral. Honestly, we’re not mad about it (some years it’s been confusing).

Now that it’s spring, and summer is almost here, we just had to do a color inspiration around this one. So many ways to use this color in your home or wedding planning! And besides that, it’s such a fun color for nails, lips, a cute new swimsuit… lots of excuses to go shopping. But more than that, we realized when putting this together that it’s actually really versatile, so even if it wasn’t your thing before, don’t write it off just yet.

Bold look - coral doesn’t always have to be a day at the beach, pairing it with moody, deep colors is so striking.

Fresh new take - something about bright greens and oranges in the mix feels so happy, like coral is really living its best life.

Classic interpretation - for a vintage theme or hint of ocean, black, soft pinks and blue-green make a lovely contrast to the bright coral.

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