What is a "wedding day coordinator"?

Hollywood loves weddings and wedding planners are often a key character, they even devoted a whole romantic comedy to one in The Wedding Planner. And who can forget Franck Eggelhoffer in Father of the Bride?!

All-inclusive wedding planners are a great resource for couples feeling overwhelmed by the research and options that come with planning (an often large) wedding. They also come with a hefty price tag, often not feasible for the majority of couples. Many brides and grooms also want to personalize various aspects of their wedding, even creating and designing elements themselves. So while the allure of handing over the legwork to a professional is still there, the desire for couples to be hands-on has made the emergence of the wedding day coordinator the perfect alternative.

Wedding day coordinators bring experience, organization, and assurance that things will run smoothly the day of your wedding. There are also two varieties of this kind of professional assistance: we use the term wedding day coordinator because while our primary focus and time will be spent the day of the wedding, we also offer significant support leading up to the wedding, including organizational documents and running the rehearsal. It is also possible to hire "day of coordinators" (often abbreviated DOC), which typically arrive just for the day of your wedding to run everything. In both cases, coordinators are the point person for you and all your vendors, watching the timeline and are often the only people to see everything that day from start to finish. We also spend time setting up anything not provided by a vendor that you may have created yourself (additions to centerpieces, favors and other personal touches).

Having a great time at  Rachel & Sean's  wedding!

Having a great time at Rachel & Sean's wedding!

For more information about wedding planners and coordinators, here are a few good resources:

- On our website there is a document outlining what we do

- This recent article in Brides Magazine compares options and has questions to help you decide what might be a good option for your wedding

Overall, we are there to make sure you can relax knowing everything will go smoothly and to free up your friends and family so they can enjoy this special day with you!