Anniversary Q&A with our #perfectlypaired parents

Today is our parents’ 38th wedding anniversary and we thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A session with them. We asked about weddings, marriage and of course how they managed to raise the most awesome kids ever ;)

Our parents getting married in 1981 - look how cute they are!

Our parents getting married in 1981 - look how cute they are!

What did you first think of each other?

Mom: I thought dad was sooooooo cute!

Dad: well, I thought your mom was very cute and very attentive and sincere… she took me to lunch before I went to France in the summer of 1978, and when I was there she wrote me faithfully. There was no one else who was so supportive of me and when I was away from her I realized how important she was to me.

What is a favorite memory from your wedding?

Mom: it was such a blur that it is hard to remember it all. But I loved having so many people that we cared about involved - all of our attendants, Jonathan Moneymaker who played the guitar and sang, Sharol Hayner who played the piano, Tim Dearborn who did the service, and Steve Hayner who prayed the final blessing.

Dad: the music including favorite hymns (especially "Be Thou My Vision"), piano (Bach's Cantata No. 208, 'Sheep May Safely Graze') and flute (by my brother).

Looking back all these years later, what is one thing you would have done differently for the wedding?

We’re so glad they love traveling and have taught us to enjoy new adventures

We’re so glad they love traveling and have taught us to enjoy new adventures

Mom: we did want a very simple wedding as that was our style as we headed overseas, but I wish it was a thing to hire a DJ and have dancing!! It just wasn’t anything anyone did back then.

Dad: maybe I should have shaved my beard off. The other thing I would DEFINITELY change was that we should have paid the $75 to have the wedding video taped. We couldn't imagine in 1981 people having a video player in their HOME - who could afford such a thing?! We were very cheap.

What advice do you have for people in their first year of marriage?

Mom: hold on for the bumpy ride! And get a good pair of ear plugs for the snoring :) It was far more difficult than I thought it would be. And maybe have 2 bathrooms!

Dad: practice journaling together about how each of you feels with regard to all aspects of life together and make sure to plan regular times to get away from the daily routine and keep dating.

What do you think is key to a successful marriage in the long term?

We said “Gatsby party” and they said “we’ll be there”

We said “Gatsby party” and they said “we’ll be there”

Mom: be and stay committed. Marry your best friend. Don’t ever belittle or call the other names in an argument. Remember why you chose to be with one another. And have great kids! *we swear we didn’t prompt her on this one*

Dad: each needs to be fully committed to the best interest of the other, a shared vision for life together, and not motivated primarily by what one gets from the relationship. Hopefully this leads to being best friends and life-long confidants.

Thanks mom and dad for being great role models for us, supportive of all the different things we have pursued (including this business!) and we’re glad that now we can be friends :) Happy anniversary!