Color inspiration No.2

Welcome to another edition of our color inspiration series! You can see No. 1 here. This post is for those of you who are loving Color, with a capitol "C", as much as we are right now. Year-round we're feeling inspired by Color Me Courtney, Studio DIY, Oh Joy! (A: you know I went directly to buy that suitcase) and Sugar & Cloth. The fact that rich and vibrant Colors are no longer restricted to spring and summer feels like the biggest "wait, why weren't we doing this before?" moment ever.

To be clear, we are aspiring color-ists who only hope to be as cool as those ladies. So even if you're just warming up to the idea or feeling intimidated by having an all-out curated rainbow theme party, we have some options for you. Color palettes are often restricted to just a handful of colors, which is what we're showing here, but if you want all the color, go for it!

Orange is such a fun color that doesn't get enough play, so we decided to highlight it here. Each image has been sourced from inspiring Instagram feeds you'll want to follow (click the photos to see the original post).

Bold look - maybe not the whole rainbow, but we're getting pretty close.

Fresh new take - here we chose two of these bold colors in various hues to make a statement that feels a little more approachable.

Classic interpretation - here's an option for if you love all the colors, but want something a little more toned down.

If you haven't tried out Coolors yet, this post reminded us about one of it's awesome functions: upload or link any image and it will help you find the hex color codes! (I: I absolutely love this function! It doesn’t just help you identify one color, it helps develop a whole palette based on an image that resonates with you.) So if any of these images inspired you, it's easy enough to get a color palette for your own project planning.

Bonus: if you're going to be in NYC, check out the newest Color Factory installation - please bring it to Seattle!