Party Mixology!

Party Mixology Intro-01.png

Learning how to make cocktails is a relatively new hobby for us, but now we totally get it. (Amanda here, let's be honest, it started when I realized the décor potential - vintage bar cart, glasses, serving trays... Isabelle here, that’s totally true) It's another place to explore and be creative, which we love. It can also be a great way to tie together a party theme and as it turns out, makes for a great party activity! Especially at showers. We have even adapted the idea to include several non-alcoholic options with lots of fresh fruit juices for baby showers.

Guests really enjoy getting creative no matter how simple or complicated the options are, so here are some ideas to help get you started, future posts will explore these more!

- Decide whether you want to guide guests through making a specific cocktail or have a choose-your-own-adventure bar.

- Create a sign (hand-written or printed) that walks guests through the options. Tip: slip this into a sheet protector or frame since we know it will get a little crazy!


- There are many go-to classic cocktails that are good any time of year, but for a party we like to try to pick something that fits the season. For summer mojitos you can have a live mint plant and in the winter you can take advantage of the all the 'fresh' peppermint candy canes around.

- Similarly, consider picking a cocktail that can fit with your party theme. Even if you choose a relatively simple drink, you can get creative with the glasses, stir sticks and garnishes.

Whether you want to invent a signature cocktail for your wedding or have a mini-DIY cocktail bar for a backyard BBQ, hopefully this series can help give you some ideas! Future posts in the series will include our favorite recipes and inspirations for your events, so keep an eye out for posts with “Mixology” in the title for some cocktail motivation!

One of our favorite resources for cocktail recipe ideas is A Beautiful Mess - they also have great posts about making, stocking and styling your own bar cart!