Holiday special edition: Christmas baking!

Who else is excited about Christmas?! We thought we would do something a little different this week and share some of the baking projects we decided to do this year. Some are more labor intensive than others, but the best part of any baking project is that we get to hang out together. Oh and also the eating of everything.


Something old

Ok well not old cookies, that would be gross, but an old family recipe that we make every year are Spritz cookies (read: from the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, although to be fair, it’s a family tradition to use these recipes and it’s an American classic). They are a butter cookie with a subtle almond flavor and go perfectly with a cup of tea. The best part is that you get to use a cookie gun, which is both efficient and dare we say cool?


Something new

Every year we like to try out a recipe we haven’t made before and this year, we were captivated by this blog post: a cookie version of peppermint bark (aka “Christmas Crack” - we also have a non-seasonal version of “Crack” that maybe we’ll share in the future). Chewy chocolate cookies, peppermint, white chocolate and crushed candy canes… it satisfies a lot of cravings and was a nice new addition to our holiday spread.


Something borrowed

Tiny gingerbread houses that sit on your mug! Also sometimes referred to as ‘mug huggers’. This is an idea we borrowed from Anthropologie (and since discovered tons of other people had the same idea, so yay for the community of people who also fell in love with them) and we enjoy that it has both baking and an element of crafting. Long story short: we made these 3 years ago based on a template from a blog, which involved hand cutting out every. single. piece. Not only was it labor intensive, we realized later we had made them a little bit too big…

So this year we vowed to try again and also called in a little help with a set of cookie cutters. This is certainly the cookie we’re the most proud of and excited to give away as gifts. We can barely handle the cuteness.


Something blue

Try to stay with us for this one since we really like the theme we have going here: The Cranberries have a song “Electric Blue” and we have a recipe for orange cranberry bread that’s delicious that we make every year for Christmas.

Ok, we know it was a stretch, but that’s how this rhyme goes and we really love this bread! Also, cranberries are kind of the blueberry of winter. Too far? Ok we’ll stop.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season full of lots of delicious treats and a happy new year - we can’t wait for more exciting things in 2019!