Color inspiration No.3

We’re back with more wedding inspiration, especially for those of you newly engaged in 2019 and excited to think about color palettes!

If any two colors deserve to be #perfectlypaired it's pink and green. Classic and romantic, this combination is a natural choice, especially for weddings (ahem, and websites). We curated three color palettes taking this idea in a few different directions. Click on each image to see the source and be inspired by a new Instagram account!

Bold look - taking a hint from deeper jewel tones, we paired bold green and red with mossy green and soft pink.

Fresh new take - mid-century modern and Palm Springs means bright colors and bold patterns with a healthy dose of cacti.

Classic interpretation - various hues of green-teal with rosy pinks make us love this color combination even more.

You may have also noticed that color palettes are more than just color, they also capture texture, lighting and mood. If you feel like there are too many choices and your inspiration board is full of conflicting themes, here is some great advice we got and like to pass on. And if you want more ideas, check out posts No. 1 and No. 2 for some inspiration!